The Twin Flame

The Twin Flame I have never really believed the concepts I have read before about Twin Flames, so I decided to sit down with my spirit guides and ask them. What is a Twin Flame really all about?? This is what they said…. When you reach a certain level of consciousness or a higher frequency… Read more »

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Introduction To The 7 Chakras

In this short video the Kundalini & the 7 chakras are visually explained along with their elements and characteristics.   2,343 total views, no views today

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Don’t Stress, Just Progress

Don’t Stress Just Progress Let go of negativity, focus on progress In 2015 stress seems to drastically be on the rise. Interestingly enough, disease, cancer and mental health issues are also on the rise. Stress is the main cause, disease is a result of a dis-ease in the body but more importantly in the mind… Read more »

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The 7 States of Consciousness

Note for future reference that the when talking about the snake/serpent, your talking about energy not an actual snake. There are two energy currents flowing through your body, they are Ida and Pingala. Ida means black serpent, Ida is negative energy, female and magnetic. Pingala means white serpent, Pingala is positive energy, male and electrical…. Read more »

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  • 11 Powerful Mantras for Healing

    Everything in this Universe carries a vibration, including the words that you speak. For centuries, people have used words for healing. Words can be used to share a story, they can be used to pray and they can be used to express a deeper truth. Another way words can be used for healing is through… Read more »

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  • Aquarius Solar Eclipse Ritual February 2018

    Artwork by Josephine Wall  We learn to love ourselves so we can love others. We learn to better ourselves so we can shine like an example for others. When we are full and abundant, it gives us the energy to pour into others and to support and guide others on their own journey. The Aquarius… Read more »

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  • Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 12-18, 2018

    Aeon and 10 of Disks, Wealth A few months ago we got the Aeon card. This message has returned to us on our journey of healing and self-love. With the Venus energy in the air and Valentine’s Day on the horizon, this is the perfect time to do this type of work. The Aeon card… Read more »

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  • How to Start Loving Yourself

    We all know that self love and self care are so important, but how do you start loving yourself? A lot of people are under the impression that self-love is selfish, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Self-love is not about being arrogant or thinking that you are better than anyone else. Self-love… Read more »

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  • Intuitive Astrology: New Moon Solar Eclipse February 2018

    The February 15-16th New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius represents a positive turning point and a much welcomed breath of fresh air. Since the start of 2018, we have all had to do a lot of releasing and letting go. Perhaps there were things from the year prior that needed to be cleared, or perhaps… Read more »

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  • Chinese Astrology: Year of the Yang Earth Dog 2018

    Artwork by Thailan When – The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar and is celebrated on February 16th, 2018, which is the second New Moon of the year. 2017 was the year of the Yin Fire Rooster . It was a year of standing up for yourself, going after what you wanted and tuning into… Read more »

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  • Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 5-11, 2018

    Death and The 9 of Disks, Gain When we pull the Death card our first response might be aversion or fear. We see it in a negative way and do not want to face whatever message the card is offering. But we should not fear this card. It is not a card of darkness but… Read more »

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  • The Eclipse Gateway: The Time Between Eclipses

    Eclipses always follow cycles and generally come in pairs. These pairs include a Lunar Eclipse, which falls on the Full Moon and a Solar Eclipse which falls on the New Moon. The time between these two pairs of Eclipses is considered the Eclipse Gateway, and is a period that usually lasts for about 2 weeks. The… Read more »

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  • Intuitive Astrology Forecast for February 2018

    In numerology, 2018 is a number 11 year, however it also holds the vibration of number 2. February, being the second month of the year also holds the vibration of 2, meaning that the month ahead is is going to help sync us up with the energies of the year. In fact, by the month’s… Read more »

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  • Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: January 29-February 4, 2018

    The Fool and The Empress With the Full Moon Eclipse this week we are bound to feel the intense energy of release. We may share and connect with deeper emotions or shed parts of ourselves that no longer serve us. This could show up in many different ways but there will definitely be a big… Read more »

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