So the other day I was involved in a conversation about love, soul mates and all that jazz and it came to me. Just how there there is 7 levels of brain function (circuits) or 7 states of consciousness, maybe there is 7 states of love that correlate to these states and circuits. below you’ll find a discription of the 7 states of love and also a description of their parallel attributes.

1st State of Love : Brain stem –  genitals – root chakra – earth – Interpersonal consciousness

This type of love is ruled by instincts,carnal desire & lust. It operates purely on your lower beast like nature. It’s a purely physical type of love (lust).

2nd State of Love : Medulla – naval – sacral chakra – water – Intrapersonal consciousness

This type of love is ruled by family, reproduction and sexual activity. However in this state of love your not necessarily emotionally attached to your loved ones, meaning if they became non beneficial to you they could be cut out of your life with no remorse.

3rd state of Love: Cerebellum – Solar Plexus chakra – Fire –  Life consciousness

This state of love is ruled by will power and the ego. In this state of love the persons feelings are based on logic and what makes them feel good. You could describe this as a selfish type of love.

4th State of Love: Temporal Lobe – Heart Chakra – Wind – Sub consciousness

This state of love is ruled by knowledge and emotion. In this state the individual is able to tap into their inner self to bring forth desires. Empathy is also a big part of this state. In this kind of love their is no ego, no “I” only “we”, the souls are as one body and mind, resonating and growing with each other. It’s not uncommon for partners in this state to be inseparable.


5th state of love: Occipital lobe – throat – throat chakra – sound – Super consciousness

This state is ruled by expressing yourself/communication. In this state honesty is fully given and issues are quickly talked out and dealt with.

6th state of love:  Parietal lobe – pituitary gland – third eye – light – Magnetic consciousness

This state of love deals heavily with the intuition. You just know (love at 1st sight). It’s not uncommon for someone in this state to dream or have visions of their partner before meeting them/knowing they exist.


7th state of love: Frontal lobe – Crown chakra – pineal gland – mental – Infinite consciousness

This state is a little different to the others. This state of love transcends all other 6 states and deals with your immortal/spiritual/soul/higher body. When in this state you lose all sense of self and become in tune with all existence, the source of everything (God).

All other 6 states of love are merely glimpses of the complete love. What society refers to as love is merely compassion and emotion whereas true love is condition-less. Love is above emotion, logic & condition, it is everything in existence which is why “God is Love”.


God & Love is within. Don’t search externally for what you already hold inside. Love self and you will love those around you.

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Written by Curt Soul

“I Write Books, I Take Photos” Director of Elevate With Wings / Writer / Photographer / Poet / Music Artist /Graphic & Web Designer / Philosopher. To put it simply, i’m a Polymath.