Don’t Stress Just Progress

Let go of negativity, focus on progress

In 2015 stress seems to drastically be on the rise. Interestingly enough, disease, cancer and mental health issues are also on the rise.
Stress is the main cause, disease is a result of a dis-ease in the body but more importantly in the mind as all things physical are created by thoughts.

Stress makes you react before thinking & reasoning which in turn creates more stressful situations. When stressed take a brief moment to think about the situation your in, reason and then react. You’ll find that arguments and negative scenarios begin to disappear.

Take 5 mins a day to just sit and de-stress and watch your health and mood improve in no time. Whether it be meditating, drinking a hot chocolate, watching your favourite soap opera or cooking, keep your de-stress time relative to you.

Don’t get caught up in stress, just let go and focus on progress.

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Written by Curt Soul

“I Write Books, I Take Photos” Director of Elevate With Wings / Writer / Photographer / Poet / Music Artist /Graphic & Web Designer / Philosopher. To put it simply, i’m a Polymath.