The superman logo is not an S in a Emerald, it is actually a Snake residing inside the base of your spine (tail bone). The Snake represents the Kundalini Serpent, which is said to reside at the base of the spine. In the writings of Kundalini, the Serpent rises up the spine, awakening all 7 chakras as it ascends. Each chakra is a different state of consciousness. The highest chakras get into “Super” human and extra sensory abilities. So Superman is a physical representation of Kundalini and what you can do if Kundalini rises from the base of your spine to the top of your head.

Superman Flies, he’s super strong, has x-ray vision, super hearing, heat vision, ice breath, super speed and can survive in space.
Each of these abilities is an element and a chakra consciousness.

They are:

Root chakra – Earth – Super strength

Sacral chakra – Water – Ice breath

Solar Plexus chakra – Fire – Heat vision

Heart chakra – Air – Ability to Fly

Throat chakra – Sound – Super hearing

3rd Eye chakra – Light – Super speed

Crown chakra – Thought – X-Ray vision

So if you raise up the Kundalini Serpent and awaken all your chakras then you will be a “Superman”.

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Written by Curt Soul

“I Write Books, I Take Photos” Director of Elevate With Wings / Writer / Photographer / Poet / Music Artist /Graphic & Web Designer / Philosopher. To put it simply, i’m a Polymath.