The Twin Flame

The Twin Flame I have never really believed the concepts I have read before about Twin Flames, so I decided to sit down with my spirit guides and ask them. What is a Twin Flame really all about?? This is what they said…. When you reach a certain level of consciousness or a higher frequency… Read more »

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Introduction To The 7 Chakras

In this short video the Kundalini & the 7 chakras are visually explained along with their elements and characteristics.   2,329 total views, 1 views today

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Don’t Stress, Just Progress

Don’t Stress Just Progress Let go of negativity, focus on progress In 2015 stress seems to drastically be on the rise. Interestingly enough, disease, cancer and mental health issues are also on the rise. Stress is the main cause, disease is a result of a dis-ease in the body but more importantly in the mind… Read more »

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The 7 States of Consciousness

Note for future reference that the when talking about the snake/serpent, your talking about energy not an actual snake. There are two energy currents flowing through your body, they are Ida and Pingala. Ida means black serpent, Ida is negative energy, female and magnetic. Pingala means white serpent, Pingala is positive energy, male and electrical…. Read more »

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  • Extra Sensitive to Changes in Weather? You Could Be Geosentient

    Image Artwork by Jenness Cortez Perlmutter Lately there has been a noticeable increase in natural disasters all around the world. In fact, since the Solar Eclipse in August it seems that every week there has been either an earthquake, a flood or a hurricane. According to astrologers, Solar Eclipses can disrupt the natural cycles and weather… Read more »

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  • Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: September 18-24, 2017

    The Hermit and The 9 of Cups, Happiness Oh happiness. Ever evasive, ever ambiguous. We are told we must get it, we are often on some journey to seek it, and for many it is the ultimate goal. But what is happiness really? We may think it is something external from us, something we can… Read more »

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  • Equinox and New Moon Ritual September 2017

    September brings us the Virgo New Moon on the 19th and the Equinox on the 22nd, making it the perfect time to check in with yourself and the energy that surrounds your life. Life is always a dance between the highs and the lows, but the more you can keep your inner world centered, the easier… Read more »

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  • Intuitive Astrology: September Equinox 2017

    The September 22nd Equinox is the turning point of the year, the halfway point on the cycle through the stars. The September 2017 Equinox is marked with the Sun shifts into Libra, which is the zodiac sign represented by the scales. Libra is all about finding balance and harmony and learning to collaborate with others. It… Read more »

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  • Intuitive Astrology: September New Moon 2017

    The September 19th-20th New Moon falls in the earthy sign of Virgo and will be guiding us on a healing journey. If you have had a physical complaint or an emotional wound surface in the last few months, the Virgo New Moon is going to inspire you to take action in order to bring your body… Read more »

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  • How to Protect Your Energy Around Negativity

    Let’s face it, there are always going to be people in life that rub us the wrong way, drain our energy or leave us feeling irritated. As one of my favourite poets, Rumi says- ‘if you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?” Seemingly “negative” people or influences come into our lives not… Read more »

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  • Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: September 11-17, 2017

    Fortune and Four of Swords, Truce As I was shuffling the cards to pull for the weekly tarot reading , two jumped out on to the floor. When I went down to pick them up, it was lovely Fortune and the Four of Swords. As you may recall, we have had the Fortune card on and… Read more »

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  • Numerology and Spiritual Significance of 9/9/2017

    September 9th 2017 holds the vibration of 991- this is because it is the 9th day, in the 9th month in a number 1 year. Number 9 is a power number in sacred geometry as it is believed to be one of the numbers of creation. In numerology, the number 9 is also highly significant… Read more »

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  • Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: September 4-10, 2017

    The Priestess and the 7 of Wands, Valour I don’t know about you, but I am really in need of some grounding forces in my life. There has been a lot of high energy recently, and that has made me feel like I’ve been floating above the Earth. I am so ready for the Pisces… Read more »

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  • Pisces Full Moon Bedtime Ritual September 2017

    Image Artwork by Stella Im Hultberg The September 6th Pisces Full Moon is going to be helping you to unlock your subconscious mind and tune into your softer, intuitive voice. When Mother Moon is in Pisces, it is also the perfect time to go within and really heal, nourish and restore your energy so you have the strength and… Read more »

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