Seek Liberation from the state of mind that remains fascinated under the spell of illusion #elevate

In this current day and age we’re trained and programmed to compete with each other, rather than to work with each other. There’s unlimited potential in the universe, yet we fight to fit into a template. There’s a whole plain to create, yet we all try to create in the same spot and space. We should work together and push each other to excel and let our talents shine.

“Were all stars, together we’re a constellation”.

Do not feel upset or frustrated because you didn’t get that 9-5 job or because your not living someone else on Tell-Lie-Visions (televisions) life, you’re not a failure. Everyone has their own path, destiny and talents. Life is not about fitting into someone else’s shoes, life’s about walking in your shoes on the path to your goal.

It’s time for a change, put on your “Wings of Elevation” and aspire to rise higher.

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Written by Curt Soul

“I Write Books, I Take Photos” Director of Elevate With Wings / Writer / Photographer / Poet / Music Artist /Graphic & Web Designer / Philosopher. To put it simply, i’m a Polymath.

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