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Introduction To The 7 Chakras

In this short video the Kundalini & the 7 chakras are visually explained along with their elements and characteristics.   2,329 total views, 1 views today

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The 7 States of Love

So the other day I was involved in a conversation about love, soul mates and all that jazz and it came to me. Just how there there is 7 levels of brain function (circuits) or 7 states of consciousness, maybe there is 7 states of love that correlate to these states and circuits. below you’ll… Read more »

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The 7 States of Consciousness

Note for future reference that the when talking about the snake/serpent, your talking about energy not an actual snake. There are two energy currents flowing through your body, they are Ida and Pingala. Ida means black serpent, Ida is negative energy, female and magnetic. Pingala means white serpent, Pingala is positive energy, male and electrical…. Read more »

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The Science of Miracles

Miracles can be simply explained. We live in an illusion, we think we touch things, we think we are solid, we think we are on the ground. Whereas nothing is, we are made up of molecules, energy. Each has an electrical charge. The electrical charges repel each other so there is always a small space… Read more »

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The Mind is a Doorway Between the Spirit and Soul

The mind is consciousness, the spirit is your subconsciousness and the soul is your superconsciousness. The mind is a doorway between the sub and superconsiousness. The subconsciousness (spirit) is your library of knowledge that was passed down through your DNA.The soul is how you 1,423 total views, 1 views today

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A Metaphysical Breakdown of Superman

The superman logo is not an S in a Emerald, it is actually a Snake residing inside the base of your spine (tail bone). The Snake represents the Kundalini Serpent, which is said to reside at the base of the spine. In the writings of Kundalini, the Serpent rises up the spine, awakening all 7 chakras as… Read more »

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We’re all stars , together we’re a Constellation

Seek Liberation from the state of mind that remains fascinated under the spell of illusion #elevate In this current day and age we’re trained and programmed to compete with each other, rather than to work with each other. 485 total views, no views today

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What do Wings Symbolize?

Wings symbolize: Aspiring to the greatest heights of accomplishment An unhindered imagination A a free mind able to explore concepts outside of the box Gliding above and beyond primitive, substandard tendencies 628 total views, no views today

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