ss14 Elevate Forever Arrive Just in time

With spring/summer here we bring you a new design the “Elevate Forever collection, which features t-shirt hoodies, premium sweat jumpers and high quality, soft triblend t-shirts for both men & women. The garments are all soft ring spun, combed cotton which gives it a soft feel even after being washed several times. The prints all have a furry velvet textured feel. This new design is anti-YOLO (you only live once), we don’t agree with living to die.  


ss14 Elevate Forever

As souls you are energy forever growing & rising, elevating & refining your potential through different lifetimes, planes and levels of existence. Energy never dies, it only transfers, transforms and travels therefore you don’t live once, you only live “elevating forever”.

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Written by Curt Soul

“I Write Books, I Take Photos” Director of Elevate With Wings / Writer / Photographer / Poet / Music Artist /Graphic & Web Designer / Philosopher. To put it simply, i’m a Polymath.

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